Yōsuru - the most comfortable shoes you will ever buy

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A glove for your foot


A round toe pump with a 5cm block heel in the softest leather and suede. Takes you all the way from breakfast until midnight in perfect comfort.

Shanti white leather

8 products

Shanti black leather

4 products

Shanti red leather

3 products

Shanti Navy Leather

2 products

Shanti Camel Leather

3 products

Shanti Black Suede

3 products


Prana black suede

4 products

Prana black leather

5 products

Prana camel leather

3 products


Ahimsa camel leather

4 products

Ahimsa black leather.

4 products

Ahimsa red leather

3 products

Ahimsa Gold Leather

4 products

Ahimsa blue leather

3 products



Satya in red leather

Information about Yosuru

Designed by women, for women.

About Yōsuru

Yōsuru is the first kinesthetic footwear, designed primarily for how it feels and secondarily for how it looks. 


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Yosuru - the most comfortable shoes