Yōsuru is the first kinesthetic footwear, designed primarily for how it feels and secondarily for how it looks. 

Yōsuru means embrace in Japanese. We design shoes in soft leathers to gently hold your feet in the most natural way possible. Our shoes always have a low or medium heel because it´s better for your walking position than flat or high. The heels always have enough of a base to support the foot. Our vamps are always high so they rest on a place that is kind on the foot and don´t rest on the bones. 

The form of Yōsuru comes from its function, and works with your body, not against it. 

We also put a great deal of padding into the footbed, so your feet are protected from the floor and we line the shoes with full grain pure-bred sheep nappa to make the experience soft and luxurious.

Use of resources

Our boxes are made with premium grade full strength recycled board. They are strong enough that we don´t need to add another shipping container thus reducing packaging. 

Companies talked about using recycled packaging then sent the box inside another box and many plastic bags when they shipped direct. 

We wrap the boxes in renewable recyclable or recycled materials and encourage customers to only buy what they need and use the clip on details to get as many looks out of one pair shoes as possible. 

We wanted to do something where all we cared about was our customers, their feet and their ability to walk all day in perfect balance, whilst only using resources in a responsible way . 

We hope you enjoy Yōsuru!  

Yosuru - the most comfortable shoes

Made thinking of your comfort, wellbeing and calmness as you walk, work and get on with your busy life.